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Scheppach HL1200 Vertical Log Splitter (12T) Scheppach HL1200 Vertical Log Splitter (12T)
(12T) 400v

Technical perfection at professional level; the Scheppach HL1200. You'll be amazed how easy the task of splitting wood becomes when you use a Scheppach log splitter to help you with the work. This log splitter is the classical high end player of the Scheppach log splitter range, meeting the demands up to the heavy wood worker.


• Generates up to 12 tons of splitting pressure

• The swivelling table and safety bar facilities the splitting of shorter logs

• Split effortlessly through timbers up to 1350mm long in limitless quantities

• The lower ground plate is positioned purposely for easy loading

• Splits all kinds of wood, hard or soft

• Splits wood any length between 250 - 1350mm

Scheppach (F&G)

 £907.50 ex vat
  £1,089.00 inc vat

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