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Scheppach Tiger 2500 + Household Kit (PACKAGE 1) Scheppach Tiger 2500 + Household Kit (PACKAGE 1)
Wetstone Grinder

Professional grinding and honing - Tiger 2500


Correct grinding and honing is an art in and of itself. Without training and experience, costly mistakes can be made and expensive tooling ruined. Now, all the technique you need for professional results has been ”built in“ the scheppach TiGer 2000s / 2500 wet and dry grinding/honing system. Your machine is the ”professional“ – you get perfect grinding every time.

Just like old-fashioned grinders, the Tiger stone runs slowly in a water trough so that the tool never looses its temper due to overheating. With the special stone containing grains of aluminium oxide, you achieve perfect grinding results much quicker than with any other machine. The grinding stone is also ideal for HSS tools.

The leather honing wheel removes the burr and gives a perfectly polished cutting edge. It is removable to allow unhindered access to the grindstone when grinding long knives or tools. The powerful motor protected from water splashes by an enclosed housing, is made for continuous operation.

the scheppach tiger2000 in use

Jig 160 is designed for scissors and hedge shears.

the scheppach tiger2000 in use

Jig 40 is the perfect attachment for axes with a blade of up to 170 mm.

the scheppach tiger 2000 in use

Stone grader changes the grains on the grinding wheel for fine abrasion.

the scheppach tiger2000 in use

Jig 120 is designed for knives with a blade length of 100 mm to 200 mm.

the scheppach tiger2000 in use

Leather honing wheel 100 for polishing gouge and Vtool surfaces.

the scheppach tiger2000 in use

Stripping device ensuring that the grinding wheel is always perfectly round and level.

the scheppach tiger2000 in usethe scheppach tiger2000 in usethe scheppach tiger2000 in useJig 55 (rough turning and hollow cutting tools) used in conjunction with Universal Jig 100 (standard equipment), it provides perfect results on oblique edges and hollow chisels.

the scheppach tiger2000 in use

Stripping device ensuring that the grinding wheel is always perfectly round and level.


Standard equipment
Standard equipment Solid, powder-coated casing, splash-proof motor and switch, top-quality grindstone with grinding grains of aluminium oxide, also for HSS tools, removable leather honing wheel, non-skidding support, powerful motor, grinding jig 70, abrasion paste, angle guide, break-proof water tank, 1.75 m long electric cable with splash-proof plug.

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