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NEW Mafell KSS40 Cordless Cross-cutting System c/w MAX case NEW Mafell KSS40 Cordless Cross-cutting System c/w MAX case
with 18v Battery

Take your saw, get set, go – with the cordless cross-cutting system KSS 40 18M bl.


When it comes to internal finishing work, there is no better helper than the KSS 40 18M bl, whatever the task in hand: be it for floors, walls, doors, furniture, ceilings or roof battens – to make cross or rip cuts, rail-guided cuts, miter or compound miter cuts at angles up to 45°, or even plunge cuts.


With cutting depths of up to 42 mm, the new KSS 40 18M bl covers up to 80 percent of the applications arising on building sites and ensures clean cuts – with the accustomed high MAFELL performance.



Thanks to its low weight and cordless operation afforded by stateof- the-art battery technology, the new KSS 40 18M bl is extremely easy and convenient to use.

The innovative, high-performance 18 V lithium ion battery technology achieves superb
cutting quality. The battery is processor-controlled and automatically monitors all the relevant parameters such as charge and temperature.


The battery charge indicator is located on the side of the battery and can be viewed at any time by pressing a button.

The battery is released at the press of a button and can therefore be replaced in a matter of seconds.



Flexi-guide FX 140 permits precise, guided cuts up to 1.4 m long and can simply be rolled up and stowed compactly in the MAFELL T-Max case.



The KSS 40 18M bl offers all benefits of five saws in a single case since it can be used as a crosscut saw, plunge-cut saw, shadow gap saw and portable circular saw with or without the Flexi-Guide. So, wherever you are, you always have the perfect, portable saw at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.





 £806.00 ex vat
  £967.20 inc vat

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