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Scheppach Tiger 2000s wet stone sharpener
(8949 0930)


Test certificates

Technical data

Dimensions ( L / W / H )
Grinding stone size

Honing disc ø mm
Weight approx.

Rotation speed

Order No.

360 x 285 x 275mm
200mm x 40mm
top-quality grindstone with grinding grains of aluminium oxide
200mm x 30mm
leather honing wheel

230–240 V/50 Hz


8949 0901

Universal jig 100
The Universal jig 100 is perfect for straight edges, plane irons, ripping chisels and spoke shave blades. It can also be used as a grinding attachment for turning scrapers, carving scrops, cabinet scrapers and re-truing screwdrivers. In addition this jig is used in conjunction with jigs 160 and 55.
Order No. 8949 0711

Jig 60
Small knives
Order No. 8949 0708

Jig 120
Long knife blades
Order No. 8949 0709

Jig 160
Order No. 8949 0710

Jig 40
Order No. 8949 0712

Jig universal 55
Rough turning and hollow cutting tools
Order No. 8949 0706

Stripping device
Order No. 8949 0713

Replacement cutting edge for Stripping device
Order No. 8949 0714

Stone grader
Order No. 8949 0707

Abrasion paste
Order No. 8949 0703

Angle guide 250
Order No. 8949 0704

Leather honing wheel 100 profiled
Order No. 8949 0705

Wetgrind 2500
Top-quality grindstone with grinding grains of aluminium oxide, ø 250 x 50 mm
Order No. 8949 0701

Leather honing disc Ø 200 x 30 mm
Order No. 8949 0702


 £115.83 ex vat
  £139.00 inc vat
In stock

£10.00 ex vat
£12.00 inc vat
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Scheppach HMS1070 10"x5" Planer/thicknesser with Standard Fence


£382.50 ex vat

  Scheppach Tiger 2500 wet stone sharpener

230v more

£190.83 ex vat

  OSM100 Scheppach Oscillating Spindle Sander with Induction Motor
OSM 100 Sander

save £7.51
Now £133.32 ex vat

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