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Mafell KSS400 Cross Cutting System c/w carry case Mafell KSS400 Cross Cutting System c/w carry case
(916 531 / 916 532)
240v / 110v

Forget everything you know about portable circular saws!

The MAFELL KSS 400 cross-cutting system is completely different. Its novel feature is the unique guide track that not only guides the portable circular saw, but is also connected to it to form a single unit: the KSS 400 cross-cutting system.

It's clearly a cut above the rest. The KSS 400 cross-cutting system enables you to saw in a standing position and without a rest, with angular precision and with only one hand on the machine. Its handling is unbeatable: thanks to magnesium die-cast components, the entire system weighs only 5.2 kg.

Once the cut has been executed, the saw automatically returns to the starting position. The maximum cutting length, exploiting the full cutting depth, is 400 mm (15 3/4 in.).

The pivot point of the KSS 400 is directly aligned with the rubber lip, so that only one marking pointer is required irrespective of the angle setting, with or without a rail. The rubber lip is embedded in the rail profile and can be changed quickly and simply as required.

F&CM Test Report PDF

  • Free-standing operation without a rest
  • Unique rail system
  • Plunge Cut System with FLIPPKEIL
  • The quick-release catch enables you to detach the machine from the rail in a single, quick action. The saw can then be used as a separate portable circular unit with all the functionality of the MAFELL KSP series.
  • Thanks to the new and unique tilting system, a cutting depth of 49.5 mm is always available in the angle range from 0° to 22.5°.
  • The rubberized underside ensures a good grip on the work and avoids damage to the surface.
One-stop solution: in view of the saw's connection to the guide track, this is the world's first and only single-handed cross-cutting system.
The KSS 400 can be detached quickly and easily from the guide track for operation with an existing guide track.
The smart stop and adjustable fence allow the saw to be used for angle cuts from 0° to 60° in either direction.
The highly graduated scale permits very precise angle setting.



240V version  £694.00 ex vat
  £832.80 inc vat
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110V version  £694.00 ex vat
  £832.80 inc vat
In stock

£10.00 ex vat
£12.00 inc vat
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