ZSX TWIN Ec Carpenters Chain Saw

£12,354.00 inc. Vat

The new ZSX-TWIN Ec carpenter´s chain saw is a highly practical tool for large timbers.By developing a machine with two motors, capable of producing very complex and otherwise laborious work easily and for a perfect fit, MAFELL has taken the chain saw to a new level. With a nominal output of 3000 Watt, just one CUprex motor already tests the performance limits of the conventional 230 V power supply. Two CUprex motors running at the same time would bring a regular fused domestic power system to its knees. By dividing the load between two circuits, the twin-motor ZSX gets all the power it needs. A three-phase electric power system offers the ideal solution because the phases have separate fuses, so that the supply is not overloaded.

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