ZH320Ec Carpenters Beam Planer 240v

£3,995.00 ex. Vat

The new chip ejector with excellent chip removal via enhanced air flow and
new air duct makes blockages due to wet chips a thing of the past!
Thanks to the development of the 2700 watt (3.6 hp) motor, it is now possible
to achieve a 320 mm (12 5/8 in.) planing width with a light current motor.
Due to the consistent lightweight design, the solid cast construction
weighs only 14 kg (30.9 lbs).
As with most MAFELL machines, the intelligent control electronics keep
watch in the background. For smooth start-up and constant speed under
load, speed reduction to protect the machine without load and overload
After switching off, the highly efficient tool brake stops the cutter head in
seconds. Just a detail, but important for your continued safety after planing.

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