TS250F 250mm Dia Panel Saw Package

£2,159.99 inc. Vat



  • with format slide
  • very robust and precise execution with
  • Professional aluminum format sliding carriage
  • large boom supported by swivel arms on the sliding table
  • Absolutely smooth and precise saw blade height and angle adjustment
  • Up to 45 ° (left / right) swiveling and extendable crosscut fence (1230 / 2275mm) with a folding fence
  • large stable gray cast iron table including table extension
  • Rip fence with quick fixing function
  • Saw blade inclination (90-45 °)


Scope of delivery: HM circular saw blade Ø254x30x3 36 teeth format sliding table, outrigger table, table extension, extendable crosscut fence including folding fence, rip fence, trimming shoe,