Erika 70Ec Pull-Push Precision Saw System

£2,814.00£3,270.00 inc. Vat

The lightest, most stable and most universal machine with the most comprehensive range of optional accessories of 70 mm (2 3/4 in.) pull-push saws on the market: the ERIKA 70 Ec from MAFELL! The built-in /Quickstand\ sets the ERIKA on 4 stable aluminium legs within seconds. Protective rubber stoppers on the feet also prevent slipping or knocking. The unique suction channel concentrates the sawdust and extracts it to the rear. Thanks to this new development, your dust extractor is used even more effectively. The result: clean work on a clean construction site! Operation of the ERIKA leaves no questions unanswered. Clearly designed operating elements are all logically arranged on the front of the machine! Thanks to the E-control electronic system and the corresponding MAFELL original saw blade, it is possible to process other materials in addition to wood, such as plastics or aluminium profiles. Further advantages of the ERIKA 70 Ec: Extremely stable table profile, tilt range from -3° to 48° and lowerable riving knife.

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