Erika 60E Pull Push Precision saw System 240v

£1,614.00 inc. Vat

With optimum air flow in the suction channel, chips can be more easily
removed by your dust extractor.
At 21 kg (46.3 lbs), the ultra-lightweight is convenient for use on any floor.
Whether in the cellar or in the attic – the ERIKA 60 E can be carried quickly
and effortlessly from one workplace to another.
Operation of the ERIKA 60 E is simple in its design concept. Clearly
designed operating elements are all arranged logically on the front of the
machine. Over 30 years of experience have gone into every detail. Stability
where it´s needed – on the table! Especially when cutting, the craftsman
exerts pressure on the workpiece and thus also on the benchtop.
Attention ERIKA-users: All accessories of the previous models ERIKA 55
and ERIKA 60 can continue to be used on the new ERIKA 60 E.

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